The History of Gambling

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Humans have been trying their hand at gambling throughout history. Whether it’s for gold, coins or even livestock. We, as a species have been gambling since the old stone age which is also called the paleolithic period. Yes, the stone age! We didn’t have a proper understanding of hygiene but we were great with gambling.  

Just pause for a second and imagine playing with a Mesopotamian six-sided dice from 3000 BC. 

That is how long we have been fascinated with gambling. In its purest sense, gambling is just wagering money for an unlikely or uncertain outcome and throughout history, humans have played for a wide variety of things. 

You put up a hard-earned coin or an animal of your liking against the odds with hopes of accumulating more if you win. This is the basics of gambling in our history but it goes far beyond that. Let’s discuss how gambling, and we as humans, have evolved to master probability and make more complex games. 

The History of Gambling

It probably ought to be a tale as old as time. The earliest record shows that our gambling roots start from the stone age but it probably goes far beyond that. Humans have always been fascinated by chance and luck. But luck isn’t just you not getting struck by lightning every day. It is more than just mere chance and happenstance. 

Gambling involves a voluntary intent to play against uncertain outcomes and to win. As we have evolved as humans so have our methods of gambling. The games that we play now are a more refined version of what we used to play, back in the day when the highest stake in the game would be a cow. 

Mathematics has played a huge role in how we play casino games today as well. Thanks to mathematics we now have a firm understanding of how probability works and we are now just barely scratching the surface of the unknowns of probability and chance. Mathematics and gambling games are interconnected and one can also safely make the assumption that the advancements in the field of mathematics will directly have an effect on the world of gambling. 

Slot and wheel games are a perfect example of how we have introduced complete and controlled randomness in our games. Where one would just bet on an outcome and wait for the slot or wheel to land on them to win. These types of games are extremely fun to play with and are mostly fueled by our own psychology as well. 

The Game has Changed!

See, in the old days, people thought of themselves as blessed whenever anything good befell on them. This good fortune was later coined as one's “luck”. The more favorable outcome one has in life the more they are deemed lucky. 

While there is no scientific backing to support luck, there is however a deep-rooted cultural significance of luck and its role in society. People who consider themselves lucky tend to play more casino games than the ones who think they are unlucky. 

You will, either way, find every type of person near one of the slot games because everyone wants to try their luck and see if they can beat the odds. Some do, while others don’t. There are even some people who would spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars just on these randomized games because they offer them something that most games don’t: a chance to be lucky. 

This psychological factor is largely why people still opt for these simple games while people who want a more professional setting tend to go towards games where they have a semblance of influence. Card games are a good example of this because it involves strategy, patience, and skill to know when to play your card and what to do in uncertain situations during the game. 

This comes from years of practice, or as they say in the world of casinos, “from years of losing”. Experienced players don’t actually play more, on the contrary, they “play” less but the thing is that they play better than everyone else which is why they are able to secure huge wins. 

Sure, they can lose everything as well but when you are playing with high-rollers you enter into the game knowing that you can lose it all. Some people get a kick out of this feeling as it can also be akin to adventure sports where people tend to chase after adrenaline spikes. 

The future of Gambling

Thanks to the advent of technology we have now entered into the digital era where we have become a more connected species than ever before. This huge shift in technology has also allowed us to access markets that were deemed inaccessible due to various geographical and cultural reasons. 

A simple example of this is how there are more Casinos in America than there are in any other country due to either cultural, religious or regulatory reasons. The internet has brought upon a change that has affected every human on the planet. 

This change has, indeed, affected the way gambling and betting are done all over the world too. Now all you need is an internet connection to gamble. The world has been made small and access to great casinos has been made possible due to the hundreds of online casinos that open up every day. 

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