Comparing the Benefits of No Deposit Bonuses over Match Bonuses

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How would you like to win real money from gambling without putting your own funds on the line? While brick-and-mortar casinos provide a completely different experience to that of online operators, the latter offers a variety of offers, that is just too tempting to resist.

Casinos online offer a myriad of different bonuses, including match bonuses, free spins and most prominently no deposit bonuses. There are many advantages to no deposit bonuses, but before we dive right into it, let’s first highlight the difference between no deposit bonuses and match bonuses. No deposit bonuses have come under pressure in some countries.

No deposit bonuses are bonuses that are given away to the players for free without the need for him/her to make a real money deposit. The no deposit bonus offer can either be a number of free spins or else, free bonus money for the player to spend any way he wishes.

On the other hand, the match bonus offer requires the player to make a deposit first before he can receive double or triple the money he deposited as bonus money.

Essentially, one requires no deposit from you whatsoever, while the other one does. Here are the benefits of no deposit bonuses and why they trump match bonuses:

They are Risk-Free

Since you don’t put your money on the line, and there is absolutely need to make any deposits to claim your money, your finances are both safe and secure.

If you don’t succeed in winning anything from your no deposit bonus, you can still enjoy playing a range of slot games and table games for free. If you pay attention to what casino players have said only and pay attention to any research they conducted, you should be able to benefit the most from your gambling session.

On the other hand, match bonuses don’t come by for free, and you need to make a deposit in order to claim them.

You can Only Play Specified Games

This might be seen as a disadvantage by some, and a blessing in disguise by others. In the majority of cases, casinos online will specify which games you can spend your no deposit bonus credit on. In most cases, it can only be used on specific slot games as mentioned in the promotions or terms and conditions.

The same applies to match bonuses. In the majority of cases, the terms and conditions of a match bonus will specify which games the wagering requirements will count towards. If you would rather play table games and these aren’t covered in the terms, you might want to check whether claiming a match bonus is actually worth your time.

The Wagering Requirements

Like every casino bonus out there, it is subject to wagering requirements and playthroughs. Since you are not playing with your own money, you are not spending your money incessantly on trying to meet your bonus.

It would be wise to check the number of wagering requirements your bonus comes with to weigh the options and value of the bonus.

Match bonuses also have wagering requirements, but since in those cases, you are using your own funds, it can turn into a costly affair.

In conclusion, it is always wise to read the terms and conditions of any casino bonuses you are claiming. Although you are not putting your money on the line when it comes to no deposit bonuses, sometimes, they might not be worth your time, when taking factors such as wagering requirements into consideration.

It might be wise to play slot games with high variance. Even though the chances of winning are low, if you do hit a winning combo, the prizes are huge.